A Candle Vigil

By: Jim Bailey

An invitation went out for a candle vigil for two women who were murdered in Redford Township: Dania Phillips and Lysa Blake. A family acquaintance shot and killed these two women at their own home. There was a bullet hole through the outside wall of the house that could have, but for the Grace of God, been the cause of another death in the neighboring house. As a nurse, and trained as a soldier, I am familiar with death and dying. I understand death and dying: I have seen it, been involved in it, I actively fight against the cases where it is senselessly unnecessary, and I don’t like any of it. I went to this candle vigil to pay my respects for these victims of senseless killing, in particular, in general, and specifically here in our community of Redford.

There was a general framework to the event, but it was freely modified as the event progressed. There were many friends, family members, and neighbors in attendance which filled the home. When the candle vigil was moved outdoors, where one of the women actually fell and died, the gathering filled the front yard of the house.

The recollections of the victim’s good human qualities were voiced by many of the attendees. Love is a wonderful thing, but there is no excuse for the suffering and losses that senseless violence like this causes. It leaves a hole in so many lives. I, and the Redford Connection Newspaper, are both sorry for the loss.

Brilliant Idea in Redford – How to make governmental service easier to the public? This is it. Township Treasurer Lily Cavanagh presented the idea at a Township Board Meeting and now the idea is up and operational at the Township Water Board Building and at Sun Valley Grocery Store, at Telegraph and West Chicago Roads. One can pay assorted bills at these kiosks. What a great idea. There is also a phone app where you can do the same thing. As per Treasurer Cavanagh, “Not only can they pay Redford Water, Taxes, Wayne County delinquent taxes, but also DTE bills. I guess for me its about making things convenient for Redford Residents!”

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