Business Advisory & Council Task Force

Created by: Supervisor Kobylarz

The Heroes of Redford Township are disappointed by the empty business buildings across the Township with businesses such as the Salvation Army on Grand River and Papa Romano’s in uptown Redford, and many other businesses vacating the Township and the low number of new businesses filling the empty buildings left behind. Supervisor, Tracey Schultz Kobylarz and Deputy Supervisor Steve share a dream for Redford which is to fill every empty and for sale commercial building with a vibrant business replacing businesses like Beech Lanes Bowling Alley in Downtown Redford and many more.

This includes filling vacant Manufacturing buildings along Telegraph and Plymouth Roads, Retail vacancies like the Salvation Army on Grand River, repairing other problems like Alleys behind Little Bill’s Trophy in Uptown Redford needing repairs which has been in disrepair for decades.

Fixing this ally has been tossed between the Township and the County for decades, but the alley continues to decline now damaging the structure of the buildings in the area. How can such deterioration continue destroying the structure of the commercial buildings nearby? Those are things like Supervisor Tracey Schultz Kobylarz has a dream to fix and she has put together a monthly Business Advisory & Council Task Force to find ways for the Township to assist in bringing new businesses to Redford to fill empty buildings and finding workable solutions for the Township and County to work together to fix alleys and other things to make Redford an even better place to live, work, worship, play AND EVEN SHOP and DO BUSINESS here.

The Heroes of Redford are encouraged to elected Tracey and others to become involved and support the monthly Business Advisory & Council Task Force to address ways to encourage businesses to stay in Redford and new businesses to come here.

For more information, all Redford Heroes should attend, and join this monthly meetings of the Task Force and get involved by contacting Deputy Supervisor Steve Dimaggio for information.

The Redford Connection always supports and welcomes any new businesses, helps old businesses stay, and drawers investors into the Township that can help to make the Township an even better place to live, work, worship, play, and even SHOP and do business here.

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