OVID 19 Coronovirus-Symptoms to look for if you may have the virus. By Jim Bailey, R.N.

This is a respiratory, airborne disease. Hand washing is only part of the equation. Things like not handshaking, kissing, hugging, sharing food or utensils, breathing face to face, etc. are good strategies. Do not; lick the inside of buses or buildings. This, again, is an airborne, respiratory disease, so why not handle money which is being refused at the Blue Water Bridge or the Detroit Windsor Tunnel? Why did I see an employee at Rally’s use a new pair of vinyl gloves to handle my money, but was bare handed to handle my food? What a waste of resources. Those cooks producing food for you to carry out can be spreading the virus to your food. They need to wear face masks. Face masks have a limited life span. It is not only that we can get sick, but our “system” can be crippled, so it cannot function adequately during this time of crisis. Where is the thinking of the folks that should be protecting us?

You need to contact your governmental representatives and put the spurs in to them to do better. One thing is to get them to ask the smart people at the colleges and universities what materials are effective face mask materials with the highest efficiency, low cost, readily available, and safe to use. Also, tell these governmental reps to wear face masks so they do not get sick and  hinder the actions of government during this pandemic.

Mayo Clinic recommendations:


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