Stay Calm, Stay Safe, and Stay Home By: State Representative Leslie Love

Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to do what we can to help flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19. One of the most important things we can do is exercise social distancing and not engage in any unnecessary travel or personal contact.

Beginning March 24, Michiganders have been ordered to stay-at-home unless engaged in essential work or activity effective until at least April 13. This action is being taken in the best interests of the people of Michigan.

This decision was reached based on recommendations from public health experts following the growing number of COVID-19 cases in our state and the anticipated spread modeling. The stay-at-home order also enables our health care professionals and hospital systems to effectively provide medical assistance to those who have the disease or have been exposed.

Under the governor’s stay-at-home order, many essential activities are permitted, and social distancing practices should be used. A few examples of permitted activities include:

  • Going to the grocery store or picking up take-out food.
  • Going to the pharmacy to pick up a needed prescription.
  • Outdoor activities like walking, hiking, running, biking.
  • Going to the hospital or getting treatment to address a medical emergency or to preserve your health or the health of a loved one.
  • Filling your car with gas.
  • Returning home to Michigan to a residence from outside the state.
  • Leaving the state for a home or residence elsewhere.
  • Walking your pets and take them to the veterinarian for needed medical care.

For more information regarding allowable essential activities and prohibited non-essential activities, and the most up-to-date information visit

Although the Michigan House of Representatives has recently issued new policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Capitol, my staff and I are still available to assist you! Never hesitate to reach out to me at or by phone at (517) 373-0857. Since most staff is required to work remotely at this time, you may need to leave a message, but we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

So stay calm, stay safe, and stay home.

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