Michigan Businesses crushed by Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

Photo by Photovs. Dreamstime.com


Michigan Businesses crushed by Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Please be advised that the April Edition of the Redford Connection Newspaper will not be printed through the COVID 19 crisis that our country is experiencing.

Because of the businesses that are now closed, the advertising revenue is just not there, and we do not have the resources to print the paper at this time until advertising and donations get back to normal.

But, the Redford Connection is still in business. Please see the Redford Connection online at the following sites.

The Redford Connection will Continue on Facebook at: Facebook.com/Redford


and check out our new Website at:


Donations to help us return to print will also be appreciated, mail to:

Redford Connection

26085 Six Mile Road

Redford, Michigan  48240 

Since the printed paper costs over $10,000 each month to print and deliver has been paid for by our advertisers columists and donors so that the paper has always been free to readers. Please visit our advertisers, columnists and donors and thank them for their continued support through this business crisis.

If you have a proposed article for the April Edition, please send a draft for review with photos and captions to redfordconnection@yahoo.com with “RedCon 4-20 Article draft” in the subject line of the email. 

Proposed drafts for paid columns and advertisements can also be sent to  the same email address.  See the articles, columns, and advertisements already submitted for the April Edition on Redford-connection.com and   Facebook.com/RedfordConnection

For questions, call us at: 313/533-7366

We apologize for this inconvenience, but I have no alternative but to shut the printed paper down until further notice.  Thank you.


Charles A Haas


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