Little Bill Memorial

Friday, August 21, 2020, “Little Bill” Kandilian Jr., 69, of Commerce Township died suddenly in Redford while driving in a one car accident.  On that day, he joined his beloved wife in heaven and is preparing a place for us to visit with him and Brenda his deceased wife.

Many Heroes of Redford apprecciaated his artistry in preparing sports trophies and plaques. He and his wife Brenda had searched the homes throughout Redford for years looking for the best decorated homes for Halloween and Christmas, and said that the winning homes should be put on display across the Township. So, the Redford Connection Newspaper joined Little Bill’s Trophys and his wife, Brenda Kandilian and put together the 1st Annual Redford Christmas Home Lights award in 2018. Winning homes can be seen in the January 2019 edition of the paper on Facebook. in 2019, the 2nd annual Christmas homes were awarded with a plaque and the Redford Connection – Little Bill’s Trophy event was named in honor of Brenda Kandilian .

The following year, the 2nd Annual Redford Christmas Home Lights awards were held, and the awards for both the Christmas and 1st Annual Redford Haloween Treat Homes Awards were conducted together in February 2020. The 2019 homes and award event can be seen in the February 2020 edition of the Redford Connection at Connection.

Funeral service for Little Bill was held at 11am Thursday August 27th. at Charles Step Funeral Home

Little Bill’s final resting place will be Glen Eden Cemetery. Brenda and Little Bill’s ashes will be joined together again there at Glen Eden.

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