Redford Town Hall New Inside Traffic Flow Changes

Changes at Town Hall

by Jim Bailey

Bet you think this is about changes in staffing at Town Hall? Nope. It is about new upgrades and office moving at Town Hall.

Redford Township Superintendent, Diane Webb, earlier during the Pandemic, mentioned that there were some upgrades taking place during the government shutdown. I was under the impression the upgrades were part of providing better defenses against the COVID  19 virus, but It seems the upgrades were more the carrying out of remodeling that was already planned for.

When one now goes into Town Hall the first floor has the Assessing Office, the Clerk’s Office, and the Treasurer’s Office. The Township Board Meeting Room remains the same except for new doors. The new doors now have windows to be able to look in when meetings are taking place.

The Clerk’s Office has expanded into the former IT Director’s Office which sat next to the Clerk’s Office at the front of the building. The expansion creates a service area and some extra storage. Protection for staff servicing the public is by wearing face masks and plexiglass barriers on the counter surface.

The Assessor’s Office has the old bank of plexiglass windows, on the hallway side of the office, removed and a solid wall put in its place. The front counter to the office, across from the Clerk’s Office, has a sliding barrier that can be closed down to the counter after office hours.

The layout and hall traffic flow for the public looks to be well thought out and well done. It looks very nice.

The second floor now houses the Superintendent’s Office, the Supervisor’s Office, and the Finance Department.

Think, Shop, and Enjoy Redford – Businesses Open again after the Pandemic Lock Down.

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