Bottom-Line: How Property Taxes Generally Work

By: Jimy Bailey Explaining how government is financed is  a  deep  and complex subject. The Redford Connection Newspaper, last month, wrote a small article on how government benefits by having increased valuations on your property. Because of that article, the Newspaper received a complaint that we shorted the readers on an explanation on the taxing process. To correct that, let us take a look at … Continue reading Bottom-Line: How Property Taxes Generally Work

Diversity Concert

By: Jim Bailey For nine years running, the worship centers of Redford have come together to put on the Diversity Concert. The Concert is held to support Redford Interfaith Relief. Feeding upwards of 500 people a month, Redford Interfaith Relief  enjoys community support in many ways. Earlier this month, Theresa Burgess, from the Redford Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast event, made a check presentation, at … Continue reading Diversity Concert